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Drawing the design of love

In our world of work we meet so many different people from various backgrounds and careers, it was a novelty for us to shoot the wedding of Amy and Annan, two architects working for the same firm as an another couple we previously worked with. Despite the seeming trend of working with architects, this wedding would have plenty of new experiences for us.

Amy, originally from Korea, and British-born Pakistani Adnan met during their studies at University. Both now founders of their own architecture firm, it seemed fitting they chose a wedding venue as beautiful as Addington Palace. The luxurious interior design was further complimented by the beautiful traditional Korean and Pakistan dress worn by Amy and Adan's family.

As the day went on we had so many great first experiences to other customs, such as our first Nikah wedding ceremony, the sprawling and appetising South Asian wedding dinner (we accidentally mistook the first dish to be the main course!) and the beautiful and spirited Pakistan music and dance. Our only unfortunate first however was missing out on the brides fathers wedding speech which was recited in Korean, however given the emotions of everyone in the room, especially the weeping bride, we could tell how special the speech truly was.

Reflecting on that day, it made us appreciate each new client we work with and how special our adventures are; we get to see the same joyous emotions from everyone involved, but with such a unique mix of customs and cultures it’s a new experience every time. We would like to thank Amy, Adnan, and every couple who has chosen to work with us and allow us to be part of their special day, and we’ll continue to be thankful for everyone allowing us to continue doing what we love.

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