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Love Across The World

Two years ago we were present at the union of Jasmine and Beau, and we were so pleased when they reached out to us again to further document their growing family. After the wedding the two relocated to Hong Kong and a lot changed in the world, but they’ve returned to London where we could see they have the same loving look in each others eyes. It was also the same look the couple first shared by chance on a train, a story we heard fondly from Jasmines relatives at their wedding.

The two first met in the UK when Jasmine was still in high school and Beau had just finished. Beau was a companion when Jasmine missed her parents who still lived in China, but difficult circumstances and protective parents forced Jasmine to move complete her studies across the globe in Australia. The two didn’t allow the distance or the time zones to come between them. Beau worked hard to prove to Jasmines parents that he was destined to be her husband, and the happiness we saw on everyones faces at their wedding how right Beau was.

Today a new chapter in their lives is soon to begin as they prepare to welcome their daughter Luxi to their family. When asked where the inspiration for this name came from, the couple responded with a favourite psalm; “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.” We couldn’t think of a more fitting image to portray the love their child will be welcomed with.

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